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Course discription

Teaching Philosophy on the Course

The missing of two essential abilities/diathesis among most graduate students, i.e. scientific writing and talking, call for an interdisciplinary, comprehensive course aiming at improving students’ quality in their scientific research. Herein, we opened a course, named as “Academic Writing and Presentation”, for graduate students with our special design and teaching philosophy stated as follows:

I.    On course content design, the basic knowledge and principles of scientific research methodology are especially provided and highlighted. The emphasized training efforts in this course are mainly put on the comprehensive analytic methods, logical justification for a proposed research topic, as well as its normalized scientific writing and an effective PPT presentation, which are uniquely strengthened in terms of a thesis research quality.

II.    On course processing design, theory lecturing will be closely combined with students’ scientific research needs, which is proposed to train students’ scientific innovation capability during problem shooting of a complicate task, aiming to enhance students’ power competent both in developing an academic research proposal and delivering an effective scientific talking in an international conference.

III.    On teaching approaches and the ability evaluation, with the supporting of some advanced web or multimedia technologies, as well as the intelligent classroom equipped with some advanced display/communication system, some unique teaching approaches are accordingly developed and implemented, including inspiration/guidance teaching combined with case study, interaction b/t instructor & students combined with question-oriented discussion, student practice project training combined with some key comments from professors, etc. Various teaching approaches and evaluations applied in this course are virtually designed to assist students at a better understanding on course contents for what’s inside in a scientific research, as well as its logic steps required for a justification, and finally to build a powerful and competitive capability, in all possible ways, to solve a true scientific problem from an innovative solution.


Course credit: 2

Course hours: 24

Course open time: Spring semester (Major in enviornmental engineering students); Fall semester (other major students), for futher information regarding this course, please watch the video introduction.

Development of the Course


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