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Dear all, An updated decision has been made for our class teaching arrangement: The course, "Academic Proposal and Presentation" has been postponed to the fall semester of 2020 due to the following reasons: 1) The triditional class teaching activities in a classroom will not be allowed before May 18, 2020 due to the government and university policy issued in last week for the need of the COVID-19 pandemic control, which will inevitably result in a reduced number of weeks (remaining 8 weeks in total) avaialble for an actual teaching time (our class is designed for a total of 12 weeks for 24 teaching hours); 2) It will not be a very effective teaching media via internet online teaching for this unique course because it needs a lot of class interaction between students and teachers or students to students with various practice assginments arranged in our syllabus to enhance the capability in a qualified propsal writing and an effective presenting with PPT; 3) So far, the students who registered in this course will include Chinese students and International students, where some of the internatinal students will not be possible to physically participate this class in campus,  and last, 4). It will not ensure technically that each student has a high speed of internet service for an online teaching activity with a video interaction to mimic an international conference situation and answer the questions. So, we appreciate your register this course and thank you for your understanding for this unexpected change incurred by COVIDS-19 pandemic problem that has been currently spreaded in most of countries in the world. I will inform you a new arrangment for this class scheduled in fall semester of 2020 later on. If you have any other question for this course, plese feel free to let me know via this wechat plattform. Have a good day!


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