Course arrangement notice-2020.10.26


The course, Academic proposal and Presentation, has been rescheduled in this fall semester due to the coronavirus challenge in spring time. The course will be started on the date of Oct. 30, 2020 (Friday), at 16:15PM (Beijing time) for each Friday, continuing for two sections until 17:55PM. Please note that the class time of this course may be inconsistent with your original scheduled time frame in UJS system. Please follow the new teaching time and the classroom place we just updated and informed. The classroom location is at 802, Sanshan Building (三山楼). In order to conveniently organize the class and share the information for all student, as well as submit your homework, we have created a QQ platform for all students who participate this course. The QQ account number is at 337558231, and each student is required to join this QQ group at your earliest convenience by scanning the attached QQ code with your cellphone. Thank you for your attention. Hope you all doing well in this challenged time under the threaten of the coronavirus pandemic in the whole world.



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