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Hi, All B part online students, Attention please, as you have known that each of you needs to use the online software platform, “VooV meeting”, to attend our class, here, each student who participate the online class is required to read a PDF document of “Guidance for installing of VooV meeting” shared with you in this Wechat platform. Please follow the instruction to install the app platform software as soon as possible and try to get familiar with this app function and its basic application.   

In order to ensure each student will successfully use this app, “VooV Meeting”, to participate our class, we have set up a testing time at 4:00pm Beijing time, on April 9th before the class to be scheduled in next Friday, 4:00pm, April 16. Each student is required to participate this equipment and software use test. We will send you a password code through Wechat platform before our testing (at 4:00pm), which will allow you to join this class via “VooV Meeting” platform. Please be ready with your computer, accessible WIFI at a high speed, microphone, speaker, as well as your computer video camera. Hope that you will enjoy this class via an online format. 

If you have any problem or questions encountered during the use of this app, please feel free to let us know via this Wechat platform. My name is at Jianzhong Sun, PhD. Professor and leader of the course. Our class will include other three faculty members, Prof/Dr. Liu Jun, Prof./Dr. Sameh Samir, Ali Atwa, and Dr. Wang Yongli. You can also visit our course website for general information at


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